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Reverend Alan Graham

The MINISTRY OF ROCK, headed by Rev. Alan Graham, has been active in the Coronado-San Diego, California area for the past thirty years.

The ministry is in year round outreach to the working poor, mentoring, grief and crisis counseling, food distribution to the needy, a jobs program involving reclamation and repurposing of building materials, plus loss prevention services in the form of volunteer security and personal guards. 

The ministry is proactive when it comes to educating elderly victims of internet or telephone scams via “World Wide Crime Watch,” a website watchdog group.

Reverend Graham is aggressive when it comes to confronting and shutting down Puppy Mills and unscrupulous breeders. Graham is also the editor of the Coronado Clarion a news magazine which records Coronado’s past and present events. To continue this ministry’s vital work of of helping those in need, please make a generous donation.
Contributions of any service or cash amount is 100% tax-deductible.

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